Successful Outsourcing Project

Case Study

Read our case study and find out how we ran application development for textile quality control at our nearshore site.

  • What the challenges were and our solution
  • How the team was organised and how the collaboration worked
  • How we implemented Agile methodology both in hardware and software development
  • What the customer’s feedback was

What Will You Find in the Whitepaper:

"After a short adjustment phase, where our company introduced ERNI to how we want to work and what the required levels of quality are, we could build up a trustable and very efficient partnership, where we got even more than the expected results in the end. The delivered software met our expectations and the presented results in the sprint reviews delighted our stakeholders. In the self-responsible SCRUM setup, where I was the Product Owner, we felt that there was a motivated team working with high efficiency."

Customer Testimonial

Product Owner in a textile quality control company

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