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The world of business is developing at an ever-increasing pace. There is a growing demand from our customers to scale up their software development capacities combined with mounting cost pressure in several industries. Our software delivery service offering ranges from managed services, development partnerships and turnkey projects, and maintenance & operations services to on-site support.

Why Choose Outsourcing?

Watch the short video explaining why outsourcing with ERNI may be the right choice for you.

800+ Employees

ERNI is a global software engineering company with more than 800 employees in 17 sites.
Thereof 200+ software engineers work in our Service Delivery Centres.

Local Know-How

With our market units in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Singapore and the Philippines we combine the local know-how with the outsourcing expertise.


Our ERNI model is highly scalable. In addition, our experienced recruiting team ensures that we find the right engineers fast for your projects.

Our Technology Focus and Collaboration Model

The Software Engineers at ERNI Service Delivery Centres can support you in a wide range of technologies and tools. Agile methods and sprint-based development make SDC teams more effective, synchronised and focused, enabling the delivery of faster and better solutions. Our core technology focus lies in the following:


C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, WPF


JEE, Spring Framework, OSGi


IoT & Embedded

Web Development

JavaScript, HTML5 + CSS, Angular, Node.js, TypeScript


Xamarin, Swift, Kotlin


Python, Docker, PowerShell

... and more!

We take responsibility for the solution delivery and support our customers in delivering to their business need. Read more in our case study.

With talented people we foster innovative services and agile collaboration models to increase the efficiency of our customer.

Your Global Platform for Swiss Engineering

We believe in the impact of Swiss Software Engineering to create customer value. The global platform we offer to you is based on Swiss behaviours and adapted to the needs of local customers, with a goal of 100 sites with at least 100 employees.

Aligned Process

Global ERNI Software Development Life Cycle used across all our sites.

Long-term Stability

Multiple locations guarantee risk distribution.

Global-Local Approach

Locations with their own employees with common leadership methods, training & education system.

Highest Scalability

Proven ERNI Service Pattern for setting up new locations.

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